Choose The Type Of Essential Oil For Your Skin

You can combine rosehip with other rich oils, such as pumpkin seeds, if you are looking for serum improvements to moisturize scars or change colour changes. Keep any face serum products with rosehip oil in the refrigerator to increase their useful life, and pamper yourself with refreshing serum every day.

Normal skin/combination

-Min Jojoba

-Sunflower seed oil.

Jojoba seed oil and Sunflower work well for most types of skin. They will be hydrated without feeling heavy.

Aloe vera

Starting the day with a homemade serum face was made with aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, and incense essential oil as a base for makeup. Aloe vera helps kill bacteria that cause acne, heal scars, and relieve stains. Plus, this provides a primary hydration encouragement and has been shown to reduce wrinkles.


If you want to pass the oil at all, you can combine glycerin, a natural humectant, with aloe vera. Your face will feel soft and pampered, but not greasy is unpleasant.

Mawar water

Anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and soothing, Rosewater gives tons of skin benefits. It serves all skin types with astringent and antibacterial properties. As stored, Mosew water will be separated from the oil, sharing a bottle of a shock to be combined before use.

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps improve the underlying skin layer by stimulating collagen production, which helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles formed. Vitamin C serum can also relieve age spots and even colour changes. Vitamin c serum price in Pakistan  is good as compared to other essential oils. 

You can make serum vitamin C with powder made of vitamins, such as l-ascorbic acid or ascorbic acid. You can use powder from camu, the highest level of vitamin C that occurs naturally if you don’t mind texture the grittier.


The concentrated botanical extract can be helpful for all skin types, helping to calm inflammation, balance oil production, and hydrate the skin. This guide for the best essential oil for your skin will help you find oil for your skin type.

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Our skin is an essential organ that acts as the basic interface with the rest of the world, which is why getting best skin care products is of vital importance. It is our primary shield against the onslaught of viruses, bacteria, UV and sun rays, etc. It is also full of nerve endings that give us sensations, and holds all the fluids inside.

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